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Precor 2000 Plus - Premise Spray - Size: 16 Oz
Precor 2000 Plus  - Premise Spray - Size: 16 Oz

Treat the inside of your Residence for Fleas with Professional results.

Precor 2000 Plus - Premise Spray - Size: 16 Oz
Do you feel like something is biting your ankles? Do you see little dots hopping around your floors?
Use Precor 2000 and rid your home of Fleas and Ticks.
  • Treats 2000 Sq. Ft.
  • Contains Precor Insect Growth Regulator Plus Adulticides
  • Controls Fleas and Ticks
  • Fast-Acting Formula
  • Prevents Reinfestations and Flea Build-Up for 210 Days

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Precor 2000 Plus - Premise Spray - Size: 16 Oz $32.00
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Precor 2000 Plus

 Use to treat Flea infestations inside home. Be prepared to leave for a couple of hours. The fine mist is great for penetrating the carpet fibers that hide fleas from regular sprays.

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June 19, 2019
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