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The biggest challenge our local U.S. Pest customers face is getting good information they can use to take action. We'll help you figure out what is bugging you before we suggest how you take care of it.

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While many do-it-yourself pest control products have multiple uses, some work better than others for a given pest. That's why this site gives you good, better, and best approaches and products to address your particular pest problem.

Big Al's Tech Tips for DIY Pest Control

General tips for getting the best do-it-yourself pest control results

The first thing is to correctly ID your problem bug or rodent. Knowing exactly what you are trying to get rid of will lead you to the right tool for the job.

For example, residuals are meant to be placed in cracks and crevices where bugs hide and spend some time because they have to be in contact with the chemicals for an amount of time to receive a lethal dose. Bait stations are meant to attract the insects or rodents to feed on the bait and consume a lethal dose. Small ants you find in your kitchens and bathrooms are treated with baits only. Residuals will just spread the colony out and make the problem worse! Roaches can be treated with residuals or baits... but don't use residuals after you place bait stations out or they will get contaminated and will no longer be useful.

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