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Do you think you have termites?

Make sure you know it's termites before you treat!

There are many bugs that look like termites, but require different control methods. This page will give you a run-down on how to identify, quantify, and treat your termite infestation. Let's start with what to look for...†

Big Alís Tech Tipís

Subterranean termites usually get into the house by making a mud tube up the side of the slab and then into either a weephole in the brick or even a crack. If you have siding they will go under the siding into the wall void. Mud is what you will be looking for first. Mud tubes outside are pretty easy to spot. Houses with a crawl space are a little different because you†need to get underneath and check the piers, pipes and siding. These are the places they will go up to†get into the house. Inside the house you will notice small mud spots on the wall or ceiling and when you wipe the mud off you will see a small hole into the wall void. These mud spots are usually small the size of a pen tip to a pencil†eraser. Sometimes when they follow a straight line it is easier to spot.†Termites are pretty tough to get rid of without knowledge and the proper tools. Tell me where you are seeing the termites and then we can see if they are easily treated or if you need some extra tools.

Prothor SC 2

  • Non-Repellant termiticide
  • 1 Quart will make 100 gallons of mix
  • Imidacloprid is the active ingredient

Maxxthor SC quart

  • Inside & perimeter use††††††
  • Broad spectrum insecticide controls variety of crawling & flying insects††††††††††††††††††††††
  • Long lasting residual 3 to 4 months
  • Treat areas where insects can get in to house ie,weepholes,window sills
  • Use 1/2 oz. To a gallon of water for light infestations
  • 1 oz. To a gallon for†termites.

D-force hpx

  • Deltamethrin is active ingredient
  • 3 to 4 months residual activity
  • Controls roaches, ants spiders, beetles, silverfish, termites and carpenter bees and ants
  • Follow label directions for use, storage and disposal

Help with identification

Please use the form below to upload a photo of your insects if you need more help making a positive identification!
Prothor SC 2 - Kills Termites, Ants $195.00
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Donít send termites and ants packing. Kill them where they are.

Repellants send termites looking for their next meal. Prothor SC 2 kills the colony.
  • Non-repellant
  • Easy to use
  • Imidacloprid is the active ingredient
  • 27.5 ozs. makes 100 gallons
  • Also labeled for Ant control
One 27.5 oz. bottle of this non-repellant termiticide makes 100 gallons of mix to treat your house. The average size house takes between 75 and 85 Gallons of mixture to treat the entire perimeter. Use the same strength and active ingredient found in Premise professional termiticide, but for way less money.
Maxxthor Sc - Size: 32 Oz $39.00
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Maxxthor Sc

Looking to replace that old Diazinon or Dursban you have hidden away in the garage. Not having any luck killing your problem pests with those over the counter chemicals from the big box stores. Hereís the answer Maxxthor SC ! Effective against over 75 different pests. Incredibly broad label. We call it sidewalk to sink, meaning it can used outside as well as inside.
  • Non-Staining
  • No unsightly residues
Long lasting active ingredient Bifenthrin, is particularly stable in soil, giving excellent longevity as a termiticide. Using 1/2 oz. to a gallon of water you can treat your house up to 32 times.




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