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Do you have a roach problem?


Cockroaches are a health hazard because:

They can spread disease organisms.

They can contaminate food with feces, secretions, and lost body parts.

They can cause allergic reactions and bad odors.

Children's Asthma Study Urges: "Take Cockroach Control Seriously"

For the millions of asthmatic children who regularly face lost sleep, missed school days, limited playtime and frequent medical visits, a new National Institutes of Health-related study identifies one step to alleviate their health problems: Control cockroaches.

The inner-city study by NIH's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), indicates that among several allergens common in homes, such as those from dust mites and cats, cockroach allergens were shown to cause the most health problems for asthmatic children. The NIAID report, "National Cooperative Inner-City Asthma Study," was published in the May 8 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.

Although dramatic, the study results brought no surprise to the National Pest Control Association (NPCA), which represents the nation's professional pest control companies, or RISE (Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment®) which represents the non-food/non-fiber pesticide supplier industry. Members of both groups are well aware of the health difficulties spawned by cockroach infestations. "The children in this study represent just a small percentage of the millions of children in rural and suburban America who may suffer from roach-infested environments," said Rob Lederer, NPCA Executive Vice President.

Both NPCA and RISE strive to inform consumers on the importance of controlling such pests through programs such as Integrated Pest Management (IPM). "Effective IPM programs manage harmful pests by balancing the benefits of control costs, public health and environmental protection," says Allen James, Executive Director of RISE. "IPM has been endorsed by government regulators, industry and other interest groups as a program that offers many control options, including the use of pesticides. An effective cockroach control program calls for the judicious use of pesticides, as well as good sanitation and other measures," he added.

Dr. Rick Brenner, research leader for the Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture's Imported Fire Ant and Household Insects Unit, is excited about all the recent research on cockroach allergens. Brenner and a staff of four scientists have studied the issue since 1988.

"Our research efforts are centered around developing a proactive approach to cockroach control that will empower the pest control industry to effectively solve the problem," says Brenner. "Through alliances with industry and other members of the private sector, we're looking at improvements that can be made in building construction, better use of the insecticides we have and, perhaps most important, development of an inexpensive cockroach allergen detection and mapping system that will be used to develop allergen management strategies. The pest control industry needs more tools than what they currently have to improve the indoor environment," he added.

The recent study has caught the attention of Congress, also. A current initiative includes an effort to place IPM language in congressional bills calling for active participation by U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in public housing cockroach control. Both NPCA and RISE, as well as other interested parties, are supporting the measures.

Check out Big Al the Bug Man's tips for roach control

Roach control depends on the type of roaches you have. Baits are almost always the most complete type of control. Maxforce bait stations and granules will protect you inside and out against a wide variety of roaches and also help with ants, crickets and silverfish. German roaches in the kitchen is the most common type of roaches that people complain about. Putting bait stations in your pantry shelves and cabinets as well as drawers will get these under control. Large American roaches normally live outside in the landscaping as well as trees. Using Maxforce granules or Niban granules around the perimeter of the house and around the trees in your yard will help with them. You can even throw some of the granules in your attic if you think they might be coming from there.

Big Al’s Tech Tip’s

  • Place glueboards along walls where most insects and rodents crawl
  • Garage doors are the number one source of entry for insects and rodents so put glueboards on either side of doors
  • Use baits around electrical equipment only for ants and roaches.  Residual aerosols could damage electrical components

Maxxthor SC quart

  • Inside & perimeter use 
  • Broad spectrum insecticide controls variety of crawling & flying insects  
  • Long lasting residual 3 to 4 months
  • Treat areas where insects can get in to house ie,weepholes,window sills
  • Use 1/2 oz. To a gallon of water for light infestations
  • 1 oz. To a gallon for heavier infestations or longer residual life.

D-force hpx

  • Deltamethrin is active ingredient
  • 3 to 4 months residual activity
  • Controls roaches, ants spiders, beetles, silverfish, termites and carpenter bees and ants
  • Follow label directions for use, storage and disposal


  • Used to catch rats or mice
  • Also catches all crawling insects
  • No chemical just strong adhesive
  • Easy placement and replacement
  • Good for monitoring programs to see what and how active insects are

Maxforce fc roach stations

  • Active ingredient fipronil
  • Place in areas where roaches have been seen
  • 4 to 6 stations per 100 sq. Ft.
  • Do not spray chemicals near baits they will get contaminated and not work
  • Best for German roaches and brown-banded
  • Place in cabinets and around electrical equip
  • Please follow all label directions for use, storage and disposal

Niban granular bait

  • Boric acid is active ingredient
  • Is water proof up to 4 inches
  • Use around perimeter and attic for roaches, ants, silverfish and more
  • Follow all directions



Maxforce Roach Station Bag $80.32
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Maxforce Professional Roach Killer Bait Station Bag

Are you seeing small roaches in your kitchen? Are you dreading having to remove all your dishes from your cabinets and pantry to treat for them? You don’t want messy liquid chemical sprays in your house. Then you need Maxforce roach stations!
  • No messy sprays
  • Child-resistant stations
  • Inspectable
  • Ready to use
  • 72 stations per bag
Use what you need for control of the roaches and save the rest in the resealable bag for the next time you need them.
Maxxthor Sc - Size: 32 Oz $39.00
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Maxxthor Sc

Looking to replace that old Diazinon or Dursban you have hidden away in the garage. Not having any luck killing your problem pests with those over the counter chemicals from the big box stores. Here’s the answer Maxxthor SC ! Effective against over 75 different pests. Incredibly broad label. We call it sidewalk to sink, meaning it can used outside as well as inside.
  • Non-Staining
  • No unsightly residues
Long lasting active ingredient Bifenthrin, is particularly stable in soil, giving excellent longevity as a termiticide. Using 1/2 oz. to a gallon of water you can treat your house up to 32 times.
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