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Do you have a mouse control problem?

Are you sure it's mice? How do you plan to get rid of them?




The Problem with Mice

The biggest problem with mice is their ability to fit through a hole the size of a dime, yes I said a dime. They can easily get in and out of areas where you don't think they would be. Inspection is the most important part of the extermination process. Seal all entry holes with either steel wool or aluminum flashing to keep them out. Set either glueboards or snap traps to catch the ones inside the house. Outside of the house make sure their is no harborage areas for them to live in. Trash piles need to be cleaned up. Keep the lid on trash cans. Don't leave dog and cat food out overnight.

How to identify mouse or rat droppingsHow to Make Sure You Have Mice

Many customers believe they have a mouse problem, when actually they have a rat control problem. The best way to differentiate between mice and rats, is to examine their droppings. Rat droppings tend to be larger, usually 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch in length, while mouse droppings average about 1/4 inch in length. If you think you have a mouse problem, please read our†mouse control suggestions, below. If you have a†rat †control problem, please visit our kill†rats page.

How to control mice effectively

How to kill the mice you have and make sure more don't take their place

Mouse control is a little tricky because they are very cautious. If something new is introduced into their area they will normally stay away from it until they think it is safe and won't cause harm. When using glueboards or traps, I usually don't expose the glue or set the traps until†I notice activity near them. This tells me it is accepted and then we can set the traps or expose the glue and start to get rid of the problem. Mice on the other hand are very curious and will inspect new things quickly so I will† set the trap or the glueboard as soon as I set them out.

NOTE: The Environmental Protection Agency has recently disallowed the sale of certain baits until they†can be†manufactured in tamper-proof packaging. We apologize for the inconvenience!†

We†recommend the T-Rex Snap Traps, and†a careful rodent exclusion plan.† Please click here to view all our†mouse control products.

Rodent Exclusion Plan

Killing the†mice you have is only half of the problem. Exclusion is the process of making sure†new†mice can't†get in to roost in your home. †A careful inspection of openings around attic spaces, pier-and-beam foundations, etc. is necessary. Holes can by blocked with†1/4 inch opening wire mesh found at your local hardware store, or metal flashing. Small openings can be blocked with steel wool.

EPA has made a ruling to not allow certain baits to be sold except in tamper proof bait boxes. At this time I am currently trying to figure out what i can sell.

Check out Big Al the Bug Man's tips for mouse control

Mice are very inquisitive†and will readily inspect new things in their home range so it makes it easier for us to either trap them with T-Rex snap traps or kill them with bait stations.

Did You Know?

A house mouse averages 50 droppings per day

House mice often frequent 20 to 30 feeding sites

A single female mouse may produce 56 offspring annually

Big Alís Tech Tipís

  • Place glueboards along walls where most insects and rodents crawl
  • Rodents are mostly blind they travel around by touch so they stay near walls and other objects
  • Garage doors are the number one source of entry for insects and rodents so put glueboards on either side of doors
  • Used to catch rats or mice
  • Also catches all crawling insects
  • No chemical just strong adhesive
  • Easy placement and replacement
  • Also good for monitoring programs to see what and how active insects are

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