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Do you have a beetle problem

Check out Big Al the Bug Man's tips for beetle control.

Beetles come in all shapes and sizes. First thing we want to do is identify the beetle and the location that you are seeing them. Finding beetles on the floors near doors uasually means they are coming in from the perimeter of the house. If this is the case, a good treatment around the perimeter and the doorways and windows with Maxxthor Sc will usually help with these beetles. If you are finding them in your pantry or snack cabinet then you want to check each individual bag and box to find the infested item that is home to these beetles and throw it away. Then you can then treat the cracks and crevices in the pantry or cabinet with any long lasting residual such as Intruder HPX or EcoPco ACU.


Maxxthor SC quart

  • Inside & perimeter use 
  • Broad spectrum insecticide controls variety of crawling & flying insects  
  • Long lasting residual 3 to 4 months
  • Treat areas where insects can get in to house ie,weepholes,window sills
  • Use 1/2 oz. To a gallon of water for light infestations
  • 1 oz. To a gallon for heavier infestations or longer residual life.

D-force hpx

  • Deltamethrin is active ingredient
  • 3 to 4 months residual activity
  • Controls roaches, ants spiders, beetles, silverfish, termites and carpenter bees and ants
  • Follow label directions for use, storage and disposal



  • Used to catch rats or mice
  • Also catches all crawling insects
  • No chemical just strong adhesive
  • Easy placement and replacement
  • Good for monitoring programs to see what and how active insects are



Maxxthor Sc - Size: 32 Oz $39.00
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Maxxthor Sc

Looking to replace that old Diazinon or Dursban you have hidden away in the garage. Not having any luck killing your problem pests with those over the counter chemicals from the big box stores. Here’s the answer Maxxthor SC ! Effective against over 75 different pests. Incredibly broad label. We call it sidewalk to sink, meaning it can used outside as well as inside.
  • Non-Staining
  • No unsightly residues
Long lasting active ingredient Bifenthrin, is particularly stable in soil, giving excellent longevity as a termiticide. Using 1/2 oz. to a gallon of water you can treat your house up to 32 times.
D-Force Hpx - Residual With Deltamethrin - Size: 14 Oz $18.00
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D-Force Hpx - Residual With Deltamethrin

Creepy crawly bugs creeping you out! Do you see them crawling into holes you wish you could treat? Now you can with D-Force HPX
  • Killing action and Residual control
  • Indoor and Outdoor use
  • Continuous 8 weeks of control
  • Broad spectrum insect control